Joshua McClain Solo

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Private Residence in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Doors @ 7:00 Show @ 8:00

You have been invited to join us as we celebrate the official launch of NEWERA. This 4/20 event capstones an important movement sweeping San Francisco, celebrating death to make way for new awakenings. Reimagine End of Life . April 16-22's weeklong event, is called by SFGATE the "Outside Lands of death in SF." It will catalyze 7,000+ people across the Bay to process what death means to them.

Join us in this movement as we let go of the stigmatization of cannabis and declare death to the aspects of our lives holding us back from experiencing life to the fullest. We will usher you through an evening of communal art making, reflection, and a musical journey, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The celebrated cellist and featured artist, Josh McClain, will lead us through a musical trip of death and rebirth. Mixing orchestral, rock, Americana, and genres not yet defined, Joshua will treat us to an intense, emotional, and inspiring show.

Don’t miss the launch of this new age of consciousness: using community, fun, connection, and cannabis to live life to the fullest - sweeping San Francisco… then the world.