"I’ve always been a sucker for concept albums that demand that kind of surrender—committed, extending listening that can become deeper and richer as you allow the music to take you where it will over the course of an hour...Joshua McClain has made just such an album, one that comes from his own soulful interior space but that provides a universal embrace."

                                                         -Derk Richardson, KPFA Radio



New Album

*If you require a download for press, please send Joshua an email directly to jhmcclai@gmail.com and he'll get you a download code!


Short Bio

Watching Joshua perform is like being inside of a dream-like movie with the sound track being played live, right in front of you. His concerts are intense, emotional, and inspiring - audience members often call them spiritual experiences. Mixing orchestral, rock, Americana, and genres not yet defined, Joshua will treat you to an unforgettable show. 

Long Bio

Originally from the midwest, Joshua McClain is a cellist, composer, and studio artist now based in Oakland, CA. He's best known for his unbridled and mesmerizing solo cello concerts using a looping pedal and effects processor, creating intense, otherworldly soundscapes. Regarded as one of the top artists in the Bay Area, Joshua was voted Musician of the Year in San Francisco at the Raw Artist RAWAwards showcase.

He has shared the stage with Thievery Corporation, Aj Croce, Over the Rhine, Blame Sally, Gordi, Dagmar, and others.

Joshua has toured and performed extensively in North America as well as Germany, France, Japan, West Africa, and Argentina.

Quotes & Press


"...it’s beyond innovative, and of genius quality."

Independent Music and Arts, Inc., referencing the 2018 album Coming Home


"This album is a musically enlightening force to reckon with." 

Skope Magazine, referencing the 2018 album Coming Home


"...waves of sound—warm and reassuring—washed over me; their undertow pulled me closer, figuratively, to the instrument, and drew me into the heaving sighs of the music."

Derk Richardson, referencing an in-studio live performance on KPFA Radio


"Joshua McClain...plays the meanest cello you're likely to hear these days."

No Depression - The Journal of Roots Music

Print Interview

Bay Bridged

Radio Interview

BFF.FM - "The Monday Lineup"