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Coming Home is an instrumental concept album based on my own journey and life experiences, inspired by the mythologies described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero's Journey

According to Campbell, the hero’s journey unfolds in stages. It begins with an awareness of human suffering, which motivates a journey in search of wisdom, self-realization, and – after many obstacles are overcome -- a reclamation of the self. The voyage traditionally includes an entry into a supernatural realm, followed by a descent into the Underworld. There, the hero wages war with inner and outer demons, experiences a spiritual death, finds redemption, and ultimately returns home bearing the fruits of rebirth. 

This new release echoes Campbell’s story arc. It is the culmination of two years of composing, performing, and a sometimes harrowing commitment to personal and spiritual growth. Though comprised of eight tracks, Coming Home can be considered a single work of music. It is my first definitive opus, meant to be listened to from start to finish: as a comprehensive and unbroken journey. The lead voice of the cello can be considered a personification of both the larger mythological idea of the hero, as well as the narrator of my own journey - or yours. 


Joshua McClain Debut EP (2011)

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